It’s not what it looks like – honest!

This is NOT Heisenberg

This was yesterday. We got a lot of sand cleaned up last night but there is a layer of film everywhere. This has turned me off EVER living in a home on the beach!
So I am exhausted, annoyed and really don’t relish cleaning the rest of this because my b-day is Friday! Who cleans on their b-day?!?! Ok, I’m whinging a bit here, but cmon.
So my question to you renovation people is, how do you handle conflict/differences of opinion with your significant other when remodeling?
I always think of a house we looked at when we were still in house hunting mode. It was a half done remodel with incredible views. It was being sold because the couple was getting divorced. It was completely empty save for the one self help book on the bookshelf on how to deal with problems in a marriage. The half done hot tub still had the hammers and nails sitting there. Like they had a huge argument and just said f*** it and walked out, never to return! It was bizarre and sad at the same time.
I think it’s good that Shawn relishes landscaping while I took up vegetable gardening because we can both stomp off, do some manual labor and regroup.

I wished we had put this sandblasting off until the spring. But we have to get this done before we get the wood paneling replaced. I just wish it wasn’t 80 degrees in beautiful Napa while we are stuck in here in sawdust hell!

Considering this remodel has been going on over TWO YEARS now, I would say we’re doing pretty good but oh boy, there have been days!



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11 thoughts on “It’s not what it looks like – honest!

  1. Mary and I haggle sometimes over different details. We both kind of give a little (her more than me most of the time I would say though) – but I am usually the one armed with all the research on products and parts and what we should do, so I more often ask if she is ok with what I am doing than to offer a suggestion for an alternative. That being said, we both like similar style and she likes the end results of work that I do. Her dad did a lot of work (and still does) on their house for years and it was somewhat the same way between him and his maybe I just lucked out like that. 😀

    There is nothing worse than taking on a huge task and being in the middle of it, looking around and being like “how do I get to the end of this?” But just keep in mind that once it’s done, it’s done right and you have a lot more time ahead of you than behind you to enjoy it.

    1. Doug, you and I are a lot alike! I research something thoroughly online before I buy. Shawn kind of expects it now. And yes, it does help to have a similar style because then you can really butt heads! We’re kind of ying and yang, with things l like to do with the house and stuff he likes to do. For instance, I would rather poke my eyes out than spend hours choosing kitchen drawer handles. Yet, I spent hours online designing our ceramic tile 🙂
      And yes, judging by how the wood is looking, it is going to be pretty fab!

  2. Hello pretty LIBRA! My birthday is Sunday. 🙂
    And as Libras we want everything to be in balance. Having sand all over your house is definitely not helping this desire. This kind of disarray can make you crazy. It’s so temporary and if was in your shoes I’d DEFINITELY do it! The results will be fantastic and balance will be restored in no time.

    As for renovating with a spouse…. There are times when I want to throw my paint brush at him and end it ALL! For the most part we agree on “what I want” ha ha ha! Seriously I think if you’re with the right person you can get through just about anything. We’ve learned that I’m good at “this” and he’s good at “that” and we stay out of each other’s way and then meet up to ooo and ahhh over our results. As for decorating or picking out finishes, I’m really lucky because he doesn’t care AT ALL what I choose. Which as a Libra can also be a nightmare. That may explain why why still haven’t started on our bathroom. I simply can’t make all those decisions.
    Hang in there girl! Have a very happy birthday tomorrow, and just smile and make sand angels on your floors. Celebrate the progress!!

    1. I forgot we are both Libras! Well, happy birthday to you, too! Yes, my planets are definitely not aligned or something like that, with all this sand! OH, decision making, I hear you! I’m always afraid of choosing the wrong thing!
      Sand angels, haha! The wood is definitely looking good, can’t wait to post after pics!

  3. There is no solution. Always a struggle. In these situations patience is a virtue for sure. When you are putting makeup on at the kitchen counter with your husband and son observing plus commenting, it could lead to serious trouble. But I worked really hard to take the high road.

  4. When my Carl was alive, he had very strong opinions about color and comfort. Almost everything else he couldn’t have cared less about. Still, we had some disagreements when choosing paint and upholstery, but we’d eventually compromise. I’ll be sappy and say that I miss him, and there are lots of days I’d give anything to have him sitting here arguing with me over paint chips…but I’ll also be totally honest and admit that it’s a lot easier to make all the decisions yourself.

  5. Hi Michelle,
    I’m also a Libra and I do LOTS of research on home improvement before we do anything. I think my husband appreciates that I do all the research because then he doesn’t have to do anything. That said, we have similar tastes and styles so he seems to just like the proposal I come up with. I’m definitely the one with the stronger opinions on things and he is more laid back. But I do have to say that he definitely takes over the landscape and I don’t say too much about it.

    Looking forward to seeing your finished room!

    1. Hi Trish. Librans unite! I’m just like you, I do all the research. Shawn then puts it into motion. I am glad Shawn learned the landscaping and drip systems because he has saved us a lot of money!
      We have, I think, gotten up all the sand. But it’s still a mess!

  6. Hi Michelle, Just stumbled upon your blog as I was researching the possibility of sand blasting our vaulted ceiling on the tiny mcm home we just closed on here in LA. Are you happy with the results? How much would one expect to pay for this per / sq ft? Thanks for any info!

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