My name is Michelle and welcome to my blog! I live in Napa, California with my husband and 4 cats (they keep finding us!). We also own a spunky draft horse named Jasper that loves to learn tricks and a quarter horse named Vinnie Barbarinojaspervinnie



I’m a transplanted Canadian (Go Leafs!). I love to sew and I make a lot of my own clothes. I also crochet. I suck at knitting. I love to cook and bake. French food is my new forte. Thomas Keller is a god. I’ve recently gotten into vegetable gardening. (Yikes, I’m starting to sound like Martha f-ing Stewart).

It all started in April 2011 when my husband and I bought a 1954 mid-century ranch home in the hills overlooking Napa. Shawn grew up in an Eichler in Marin County and thus began my love affair with mid century modern design. We had spent two years looking for a home, never finding the right one, or losing out on cash offers. This home had been languishing on the market for about a year. I kept it on my radar, watching the price slowly decrease but still no takers. We finally decided to go look at it with our agent.  But it had a renter, a ‘caretaker’ lazy freeloading moocher living there with his wife who tried every which way to discourage anyone from buying the house. It took us a couple of weeks just to get to see the house (the maid was cleaning that day, it was their day off etc etc.). When we finally saw it in person I understood why it hadn’t sold yet.  For the asking price it needed some a huge fucking ton of  work. The interior was dirty and cluttered. We joked about the tacky furniture, especially a disgustingly dirty blue chair.

Serious eww!

The exterior was 50 years worth of overgrown jungle. But it had ‘good bones’ as they say and even though it was not an Eichler, had the classic wood beams and floor to ceiling windows. And a mezmorizing view. Someone needed to restore this mid century modern back to its original beauty. It turned out to be – us! (And we got if for below asking price, proving tenacity does pay off!)

When we finally took ownership and the ‘caretaker’ lazy pos moocher had finally moved out, what did they leave us sitting in the middle of the empty living room when we got to the house? The f-ing chair!! (Oh, and an overflowing, clogged toilet – but I will leave THAT up to your imagination as I did NOT take a picture)

‘Um – thank-you??’

This blog will document our remodel. Please follow along on our adventure!

Benny – the terrorist
“I will F*** you up”

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  1. Hi there…
    My wife and I are about to start phase 1 of the reclamation of “Chateau Fiasco” – a St. Helena Owner built mid century modern. We have been there 15 years, but have been busy graduating the kids form college….Our turn. We will probably not be as true to roots a you have been, but I appreciate what you have done. We are hillside as well, though we are forest, not view. I suspect that your nuts and bolts experiences would be quite interesting – If you are interested in a conversation – let me know.
    BTW – Like your front door – I grew up in a mid century – same color door, but ours was solid (to be carved, never happened)
    AND my wife and i already replaced our door – I designed it and am proud….

  2. Congratulations on the sale of the beautiful home!
    We live down in chapel hill and admire the home while we do our walks up the ridge.

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