Front of House

Front of House Before – 2011


Side Front Before


8 thoughts on “Front of House

  1. Hey, mid-century fan and Napa resident here. Just wanted to say your house is amazing and you should come back to this blog. Really awesome stuff.

    1. Thanks, Ed, I appreciate it! Life has been hectic but you are right, I need to get back to this blog! Thanks for the kick in the pants 😉 New entry soon…

  2. Hi Michelle – you guys did a fabulous job, photos are amazing too! We’re just starting a renovation of 1950s house in Michigan and love your front door color – do you happen to know what color you used? Thanks!

    1. Hi Tony, Thanks and congrats! The color we painted the front door is ‘Benjamin Moore Merlot Red’. But I am currently working on a blog post on the front door as we recently had mod windows put in and we repainted it an even brighter color!

  3. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog. Wow! Amazing transformation and what a beautiful home. We’re currently in the middle of our long-term restoration of our Walnut Creek Eichler. What you have done with the house is inspiring. Nice work!

    1. Thank-you Karen! I have a lot of updates to do to the blog, if only I could find the time. I have been perusing your site – absolutely love your renovation. Your kitchen is to DIE for!

    2. GOOD GOD, THAT BEFORE PIC OF THE KITCHEN! AGH! Who would do that to that poor Eichler?
      BTW, you must know our friend Jeff at

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