Sandblasting The Ceiling

This week is not going to be fun. For me, anyway. I feel all discombobulated right now because we are in full on disarray.  We are having the ceiling of the kitchen, great room and master bedroom, and the floor of the garage sandblasted over the course of 2 days. We were told it makes a mess. We wish we had gotten this done before we moved in but our original contractor didn’t even suggest it (or I suspect he didn’t know this could be done).
Anyway, the end result is that hopefully we will have a beautiful natural, redwood ceiling, minus the whitewash and water stains.

So this is what the great room looks like right now:

I jokingly said on fb that our home now  looks like a meth lab. But it was pointed out to me that it looks more like a scene from Dexter, minus the blood.

I am NOT looking forward to the cleanup.

On a good note, we bought a sectional set for our side barbecue area from I love that company. Fast delivery and these are nice quality and comfortable!

Which is good, because that’s where I may be sleeping for the next two days!


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9 thoughts on “Sandblasting The Ceiling

  1. I’m sure the clean-up will be a nightmare, but it will be so, so worth it. I can’t wait to see!!! Your barbecue area is wonderful. Love the sectional. Finding a great firepit is next on our list. I think my SIL is going to become a Modfire dealer soon, which ought to make the purchase easier. 🙂

  2. WOW, this is going to be …. a fabulous mess! Let me stress FABULOUS! The mess is temporary but the fabulous part will be forever. Our ceilings are almost exactly like yours. They had this weird stain/wash of some sort that looked awful. I never thought of sandblasting. We ended up just staining over them but I would have LOVED to have had natural wood. Can’t wait for the final pictures. The sectional is great. Perfect for the space!

    1. Oh God, Stacey, I’m seriously ready to kill my husband. I’m holed up in my office, the only area that is free of sand/sawdust, and ordered him to deliver wine! This had better be worth it!

    2. HILARIOUS! Most men I know have this VERY irritating habit of being calm in situations like this and can’t understand what the big deal is. If I was in this situation, Richie would be calm because he knows I’m the one who’s going to clean up the mess! More wine, please.

  3. Hello Michelle, first of all, your house is amazing – you’ve made great design choices throughout! I have a question for you. The previous owner of my mid century home painted the redwood ceilings throughout. I would like to restore the home to its former glory by stripping the paint off, but I was told that sandblasting softwoods like redwood is a no no. How did you deal with this issue? Did the sandblasting add a significant texture to the wood? I would love to see an up close detail photo showing that texture if you have one! Also do you remember what they blasted it with? (Sand, soda, dry ice?) Thanks for sharing your home with the world, it is a great precedent for people like me.

    1. Hi Bo,
      Thanks for visiting. Fine sand was used for the sandblasting. The ceiling is 65 year old redwood. Sanding it would have been labor intensive if not impossible and would have cost a fortune. It did leave some pitting which I was disappointed in. However, last year we had a clear sealer applied and I like how it turned out. It didn’t look so ‘raw’ and unfinished and the pitting did not show as much. It’s not perfectly smooth, but I like it much better than the whitewash they painted it with. We now have the rich color and grains of the redwood. It all comes down to how badly do you want the paint off.

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