Adrian Pearsall is in the house!

Well, not literally. He’s dead, unfortunately. However, he created some pretty funky furniture when he was alive. I love that his children keep his legacy alive on his website,as well as the Craft Associates catalog!
Just a little exterior update: the gravel has all been laid. We are waiting on two things: the firepit has been installed but we are getting a syar stone exterior added. And we are waiting for korten steel planter boxes to be finished and added to the courtyard area. Until then you can get a little peek from the picture below 😉
I have been on the lookout for the last 6 months for a couple of chairs to fill out the living area. They had to be low enough to not obstruct the views and needed them to  match our sectional from Room and Board. Finally, two Adrian Pearsall chairs came up for sale on Ebay that looked absolutely perfect. I broke my rule of not buying from across the country and snatched them up. It took awhile for them to arrive because we had to arrange shipping ourselves. But I think it was worth it. They are the 2406-C for Craft Associates model shown here

Hello gorgeous!

The re-upholstering job is – perfect. Amazing job. The foam is nice and sturdy. The walnut is in beautiful condition. I always like to give a shout out to great mcm sellers. So thanks to The Swanky Abode for a couple of fine chairs!

Get off the sectional, Benny!

And they go with the sectional really well! They are almost exactly the same height! I must admit I have been a little unsure about my decorating skills with this house. I wanted to hire someone but it was not in our budget. I’m kind of glad I ended up muddling along myself. It’s been a lot of fun. I’m getting more confident with my purchases.
I especially enjoy mixing old with new. The only new things in the living area are the sectional, pillows and rug (also purchased at Room and Board). I’m proud to say everything else was purchased on Ebay!
Please tell me I am not the only whackjob person that agonizes over furniture placement.  I drove myself nuts trying to decide if the chairs should be angled or straight on. That’s 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back….as you can tell, I decided on straight on.
Another recent purchase, and I have just LUCKED out recently with Adrian Pearsall, is the small end table in between the chairs, also purchased on Ebay. This is model 2397 – TE Craft Associates pictured here.
Another walnut piece and if I didn’t know any better, I would think it was brand new, it’s in great condition. The top is crystal. Although I purchased the chairs and end table seperately, I’m really happy with how well they go together. The walnut from the chairs matches the walnut legs of the table perfectly.
Lastly, an evening shot of our dining table. I have not gotten around to re-upholstering the chairs yet. The light is this model, purchased from Lumens. I love how it glows, plus it has a dimmer.

That’s all for now!



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10 thoughts on “Adrian Pearsall is in the house!

  1. Good pictures!!!! I love your two new chairs. I too have a “no more eBay cross country rule.” I have also broken it. Your glowing fixture is perfect. Really pretty light. I almost missed my peek. Looks like things are coming along well for sure.

  2. Decorator, schmecorator…. you certainly don’t need one! It looks freggin’ fantastic! Okay, the chairs could not be more perfect for this space. Congrats on finding those and patiently dealing with the shipping and the waiting. That’s always the hard part for me. WHEN WILL I GET THEM – HURRY HURRY!!!??

    I’m with you. I have a hell of a time trying to decide where furniture should go and your house is similar to mine (obviously yours it much nicer) … but we both have walls of windows… which for me makes it so hard because I don’t want to block the view, but I have to be careful about floating everything in the middle of the room. Your rug (is it shag/Flokati) really anchors the room and you’ve got good flow with your arrangement. Perfect job, miss decorator!

    Love the new lighting. I’ve bought from Lumens before and they were SUPER FAST! (love that) Really looks beautiful over that amazing table. And the view to the outside must make you smile every day. So much work – really paying off!

    1. Thanks, Stacey! I think my husband was more impatient than I was.
      Yes, the long room, and windows on either side make for some interesting design dilemmas, don’t they?? Another problem is birds flying into the windows. I’m putting up some decals to hopefully resolve that. The windows to the courtyard are actually a huge sliding door (leftover from the ugly solarium). We would love to have that open on nice days – but we would have to lock up the cats! I’m not sure what the rug is, can’t find it on Room and Board’s site now, but I call it the noodle rug, because the shag is so long and thick. Feels good on the feet. We bought a lot of lighting from Lumens, also our kitchen stools!

    2. Oh the birds! My heart stops every time it happens.. and it happens often with us too. BAM! It’s the loudest sound and it scares the crap out of me every time. Poor little birds! Sometimes they make it and sometimes it’s the saddest sight ever! “I’m a bird killer”… I always feel guilty!
      Let me know if the decals work for you.

    3. You too? We are up to 2 hummingbirds and a QUAIL – THAT one was loud. One day, I heard a BAM, went out to check and there was a hummingbird lying motionless by the window. I went up to it, stuck my face up to it and suddenly, it opened it’s eyes, flew into my face and flew off! I still think I somehow brought it back to life!

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