Finally…Tile Backsplash!

It has taken me months to pick out a backsplash. I looked all over the internet, then it got put on the back burner with our other projects going on. I could never find anything that looked right for our kitchen. So it has looked like this for quite some time:

But then I found the Susan Jablon company website – that lets you design your own custom backsplash. Heavens to Betsy!!!

*WARNING*. The mosaic designer is highly addictive!

I spent countless hours coming up with different designs with mosaic tiles. I wanted something subtle that had pops of color already in the kitchen. I did NOTwant crazy backsplash. I’ve seen that a lot on the Houzz website and it makes me cringe. Some people really go overboard on tile. Of course, this is my humble opinion. What do you think?

After hours of coming up with designs and ordering about 6 samples, we finally decided on this.

This is not a great picture of it, the colors are actually more subtle and glassy than the photo.
Can you guess where my color inspiration came from? I think it blends nicely with our countertop (Haiku Silestone) and gives the pop of color I was looking for, while keeping it retro looking.

The backsplash is getting installed tomorrow so fingers crossed it turns out as nice as I am hoping it will.



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2 thoughts on “Finally…Tile Backsplash!

  1. Hello! Very curious to see the end result… I’m in the same boat…looong journey (read: delay, indecision…) with backsplash tile. Ordered some sample colors from S. Jablon the other day..thanks!

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