Slummin’ it – Napa Style

Wow, I haven’t made a post in a week and there’s this new blogger interface to learn. I think I like it! Anyway, as we wait for the house plans to be submitted, I CAN give an update that the studio plans have been approved. We will be turning the current shed location into a 375 sq ft office for Shawn/ workout room. It will have a deck and below it will be a wine cellar (woohoo!!). Because it was an expansion, the process took a little longer.
All this waiting, driving back and forth from our current home and hanging out at our empty house makes one hungry and I can happily say that we’ve found a couple of treasures.

I must preface this by stating I am not a food blogger . Expect descriptions like ‘awesome’ and ‘yummy’. I also suck at taking pictures of food!

1. The Fremont Diner – between Sonoma and Napa

OH MY GOD – Salted – Caramel – Milkshake. This had to have been the best milkshake I have ever tasted. (A taste was about all I got because the husband wasn’t giving it up without a fight…)

We must have passed this place a hundred times until we actually stopped and ate there. It looks like a very, very old diner. In actuality, it was once a seedy dive called Babe’s. Now it is a made-to-look-old new diner with great food. Perfect for our road tripping back and forth to the Napa house from Marin. We have yet to try the breakfast – but the pulled pork sandwich and fried chicken are really good. But be prepared for long lineups at lunchtime – and keep in mind it’s only open until 3.

Can’t beat the view while pigging out on a piggy sandwich!
2. Tacos Garcia

I first read about this taco truck here and apparently I am the last to know about this place!

It’s located behind a bar in Yountville and it is constantly BUSY! We had to wait quite a while for our order but it was worth it. Drive a little ways and there is a nice park to sit and eat your fare. The fish tacos were fresh and delicious with a nice spicy kick.

Sometimes it’s nice to go casual, pick up an inexpensive takeout meal and enjoy the outdoors. What better location to do that than Napa?



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