I Went To A Garden Party…

Yesterday we attended the first (and hopefully not last) Farm to Table Supper event put on by the Napa Chefs Coop Garden at Copia. A large communal table was built in the gardens just for this special event. Dinner was limited to 60 people and various courses were served up by ZuZu, Oenotri, The Thomas, La Toque, Ca Momi Enoteca, Hog Island Oyster Bar and Kitchen Door.

The now vacant Copia building is about 5 minutes from our house.

Copia, the $20 million American Center for Wine, Food and the Arts in Napa, is showing signs of life. Photo: Darryl Bush, SFC / SF

In fact, we wake up to it every day as it is almost directly down the ridge from our house. Unfortunately, it was a wonderful idea that did not execute well and it ended up going bankrupt in 2008.
But one good thing came out of the bankruptcy. The surrounding gardens ended up overgrown and in disrepair until they were revitalized by a number of local restaurants. A coop was started to maintain the gardens and each restaurant has vegetable plots. Which is why we have such wonderful, fresh vegetables served with our meals in many Napa eateries!
Being the rather shy homebody that I am, this was a wonderful way to meet some fellow locals (and some characters ;), all while sipping wine and passing around delicious food to nibble on. It also gave me a chance to get an inside look at the amazing vegetable gardens. I only hope my 3 raised beds end up as prolific!
The money raised from the dinner will go to support the gardens. I learned that their biggest issue is not insects, rodents or deer. Nope, it’s theft. Can you believe that? I certainly know how I would feel if someone stole my vegetables after months of tending to them.



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