Ubuntu and NVOH

In our quest to eat and drink our way through Napa, we continue the theme on Tuesday evening at two venues downtown, both of which were new to us.

First was dinner at Ubuntu, a vegetarian restaurant on Main St. Normally I think of vegan food like chinese food – you’re hungry an hour after eating. But not this place. Awarded 1 Michelin Star this year, Ubuntu had the most imaginative vegetarian dishes I had ever tasted –  and they grow all of their own vegetables. We both tried the 4 course prix fixe menu. Frankly, I was amazed and pleasantly surprised at how inventive and delicious each course was! Also incredibly FRESH!

The main course dish: From the menu: “today’s fresh extruded ‘seville’ orange fregola, a sardinian toasted pearl pasta
‘hakurei’ and ‘scarlet damsel’ TURNIPS, GREEN GARLIC, parmesan broth”.

This was actually a dessert of carrots and chocolate. I know, I know – but it was really good!

Our evening was rounded out by a concert at the Napa Valley Opera House. What a great place to see a concert! Small and intimate and the ticket prices are not bad either. I’m so glad this downtown jewel was restored to it’s original condition.

The flamenco guitarist, Ottmar Liebert was just great and the acoustics were excellent!

(Although I was expecting the sexy guy from the album covers – and – he now sports a shaved head. Total Q-ball! It’s a Buddhist thing, apparently)



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