The Shoffice

The term ‘shoffice’ appears to be the new buzzword as many homeowners turn their sheds into home offices and that is exactly what we did.  Or should I say ‘Shawffice’ – since it is Shawn’s office? In the last year we finished things off as I will show below.

The shed was originally brown like the house.


shed (2)

The interior was full of spiders and was damp and moldy.


Two of the oaks had to be taken out because they were dying and in danger of falling down.

Once that was done, the inside was cleaned out.


Then, it was gutted. A new concrete base floor was laid.




Next, wood floor installed and a wooden covering for the stone on the right wall.




Plus, a fresh coat of white paint.





That was the state of the shoffice from 2012 until this year. The front had a lot of broken concrete from the removed tree so we decided to add a deck. We also added a new door with a window. I like to think of it as a mini version of the house!



And before I forget – something I have neglected to add in past posts is that we had the ‘Eichlerondacks’ painted a retro blue. I bought a matching umbrella and table from Cost Plus.





Welcome to The Napa Project, where I write about our five year remodel of a mid century home in Napa, California.

8 thoughts on “The Shoffice

    1. John, I have to say, my husband HATES that term. But since I did not show the interior as it looks now, I will forgive you 😉 . I can assure you, there is no TV, no pool table, and no pinball machine. We run our companies from home, so it is all workplace.

  1. What a fantastic little space! I can picture it working well at my mid-century home, which has a similar angled roof. I will have to show my husband, he would love a workplace like this in our backyard to use as a studio. The deck you added is gorgeous as well. Amazing job!

  2. Wonderful! So great to meet you both today at Las Amigas. The Napa Project is inspiring! Congratulations!!

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