Speaking of Eichlers….

It seems to be Eichler week! The San Francisco Chronicle had a nice article yesterday about Eichlers in Upper Lucas Valley, which is just north of San Francisco. This is where my husband grew up (with 7 brothers and sisters – eek!). In fact, one of the pictures is on his old street! Lucas Valley has the highest concentration of Eichlers in the Bay Area at 350. It is interesting driving around the neighborhood because although most have been fixed up, there are some that have been completely neglected and look a little sad.
Article:  “Putting the ‘I’ in Eichler”
There are more than 350 Eichler homes like his one in Joseph Eichler's Upper Lucas Valley tract in San Rafael - low-slung A-frames with open layouts. Photo: Paul Chinn, The Chronicle

I got a lot of great ideas for landscaping when we drove around the neighborhood about a year ago.
I have some pictures here
Also, I recently purchased the DVD “People in Glass Houses” – a documentary about Eichlers. If you are at all interested in these homes, I highly recommend it. Dwell did an interview with the filmmaker here

This is the trailer for the film:



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  1. Hello Ms. Napa! Wanted to let you know that I referenced TheNapaProject in a post today regarding my blog redesign, and that it was your blog that clued me into the ability to make a navigation bar in Blogger. So thanks for that!

  2. Loved the video, Michelle! I’m always in awe of these houses (our house too) because they are post and beam. Sometimes I imagine taking away all the walls and having a big open house. HA HA HA! ROLLER RINK! They really allow for so many options without “walls” getting in the way … and the windows are a given! When I’m looking for inspiration for ours I immediately go to Eichler sites. I would definitely enjoy this documentary… so thanks for the info.

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