Gifts From My Mom

Welcome to remodeling hell. We’re in the stretch but we’re tired and irritated and just want to MOVE! So a little break from the work for a trip down nostalgia lane….
A long time ago, when I first ventured out into the world, my mom would gather sundry items around the house she thought I would need. Cushions, towels and various kitchen items would overflow out of these ‘goodwill’ bags she would hand over to me. It was great at the time because I was basically dirt poor. But I certainly didn’t appreciate design. I was young and my tastes, well, I had none.

One of the things mom gave me was this robin’s egg blue canister set. I don’t know the exact history but I’m sure she bought them in the late 50’s early 60’s and she used them.

If only I had the appliances to go with them!
Over the years they have graced the countertops of about 7 or so different apartments/houses and condos. I thought of them as just functional – I filled each one with flour, sugar and various coffees and teas. They show the wear of years of cooking misadventures, including something that melted the side of the tea container. (Probably from getting too close to the George Foreman indoor grill my late dad gave me.) Now that I’m older and have come to appreciate design more, I love their funky mid century look. They are cracked and faded. But they are totally cool. And they will grace our countertop here at the Napa Project. I’m even planning to incorporate the color in the tile backsplash. Thanks mom!
Mom also gave me a solid teak floor lamp that I..<cough><cough>…. painted over!

Lampshade from Ross

I can hear the collective internet gasp. Cmon people, I was young and stupid! I actually thought the teak was ugly and reminded me of my parents living room. Oh yeah, our living room was entirely danish modern. My sister has the wall unit (damn her!)
My mom had no idea how trendy everything was until a handyman told her ‘that chair would go for a fortune in those shops in Toronto!’ . Gah!

I have half finished removing the paint but it is a lot of work. I’m on the hunt for a funky mcm lampshade for it. I don’t know where I am going to put it yet, but I’m sure it will tell me when it is restored back to it’s original teak fineness….



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