S**T Happens

We had to go to the house to wait for a delivery early today. We just had our first major storm blow through over the last 24 hours with lots of wind and rain. When we opened the garage, we got a treat.
Under the heading ‘Shit You Find Out When It Rains’ – the garage floods! I don’t know if the outside pavement has sunk, but it tilts towards the garage, thus any water in that area flows into the garage. Did I mention all of our new appliances are in the garage? Luckily our contractor had taken precautions and put everything on blocks.
After much pissing and moaning – and sweeping out of water, I convinced Shawn we should pick up sandbags at the local Homey Depot as a temporary measure until we can get something more permanent done. Little did I know that sandbags do not come ready made. You actually have to buy the sand and the bags separately and then fill them up. Each bag of sand was 50 pounds. We bought 13 bags of sand. We definitely got our arm workout today. Filling the bags was actually not as difficult as I thought, except we looked like we had been playing in a gravel pit after we were done.

Not bad! I can now add the title ‘Expert Sandbagger’ to my resume.
On a good note, we stopped off for breakfast at Oxbow on our way home and tried the newly opened La Crepe. Although the service was a little slow, I will give them a break to get the ‘kinks’ worked out being newly opened. The Breakfast Americain was absolutely delicious and after our morning, a welcome treat!



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