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Happy New Year!! I am beyond excited to finally be moving to our home in Napa in the next couple of months. Things have been going very smoothly with our renovation. In the meantime, I’ve been purchasing some furniture. Since we are selling most of our current furniture as it doesn’t match the home, we needed some furnishings! I was glad to find the dining room set from Past Perfect in San Francisco, and it looks great in the space. I had been looking for a new coffee table for the living area and I could not find anything I liked. I wanted something large and rectangular, with storage for magazines. I was lucky to spy this original piece for sale on EBay from a seller in Los Angeles and snapped it up.

It is from the ‘Drexel Declaration’ line of furniture made by Stewart MacDougall and Kipp Stewart. When I saw the piece for the first time online, for reasons that I cannot explain, it spoke to me. When I learned it was a nice meaty, solid walnut with storage, I had to have it. It is going to be a transition to less clutter and minimalist design so anything in which you can hide crap is a winner in my book! I am a newbie at mcm furniture so I did some research on the furniture line and I found great info on one of my fav blogs –  Retro Renovation.

I was puzzled why I saw some pieces with brass knobs and others with the white porcelain knobs which is on the coffee table. Apparently they were options and you could choose betwee the two. Mystery solved. Ironically enough Kipp Stewart is an architect and designed the Ventana Inn and Spa in Big Sur, where we spent our honeymoon! Coincidence? I wonder!

Storage Storage Storage!

The condition of the table is quite simply, impeccable. It has been expertly restored and looks brand new. The color looks perfect with the wood floors. It is nice and low so will not obstruct our beautiful view. What a unique, interesting piece that will look wonderful in our living room!



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2 thoughts on “Recent Acquisition

  1. Hello fellow Drexel Declaration coffee table owner! We recently purchased one on eBay as well, and the Drexel stamp is nowhere to be found, oh no! I had a few questions regarding your table. If you could help us we would greatly appreciate it!

    All the best on the remodel!


    1. Hello Milosolis,
      If you cannot find the stamp anywhere, I would definitely talk to the seller. Did the seller advertise as an authentic Drexel coffee table? I have not actually looked under the table for a stamp but there is a Drexel stamp on the inside of the top small drawer. I don’t have a picture of the stamp from our table, but you can see it from this picture of the same table:

      Hope this helps!

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