The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I decided this was the most apt title for the point that we are currently at. The good being that our plans were approved by the city over a month ago. The bad is when we starting getting quotes on the project, they were way more than we had anticipated. The last thing we wanted to do in this economy was extend ourselves too far. So what does one do in this situation? Well, we decided to take a bowlful of lemons…

and make lemonade – or – in our case, take a bucketful of lemons and bake lemon bars and a large assortment of lemon poppy seed muffins. (The lemon tree is staying, dammit!)
We decided to get a ‘mini’ renovation done and FINALLY move. I’ve only been bugging Shawn to move there since we bought the house in April! So we’ve been a little busy. Our contractor is currently at the house working on various and assorted repairs. Our landscaper is working on the front of the house with the landscape plans so we will have vegetation in the front. I planted over 200 daffodils, tulips and crocuses in the back of the house so we will have a colorful spring. (Okay, I also did this in case my mom visits from Canada. She is an expert gardener and I am a complete gardening noob. I just dug a hole,threw a bulb in and am crossing my fingers something comes up in the spring!) We raked up 15 bags of leaves and debris. We are packing and loading up the SUV every time we go to the house. Not much of our furniture goes with the house so we are selling most of it and starting fresh. I’ve been looking at furniture like there’s no tomorrow. Buying some new light fixtures. And, oh yes, one of the first things I had to buy was an arc lamp:


We are fixing up our townhouse in preparation for renting it out. By the end of February we should be fully moved. Yeah!
Oh, now for the ugly. As part of our mini reno we went through the house to decide what we could live with and without. Despite my best creative efforts, nothing could spruce up the ugly second bathroom so it is getting completely redone. New tile, vanity, shower. Hopefully I can stay within mid century design but to be honest, anything is better than this:

I’ll go into more details over the coming weeks, but that is what we are up to now and what we will be doing over the Xmas holiday. Stay tuned!


Welcome to The Napa Project, where I write about our five year remodel of a mid century home in Napa, California.

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