Inspectors, Arborist and Contractors, Oh My!

The last couple of weeks have been completely hectic as we arrange for various inspectors to inspect the property. Not to mention the home is currently being rented.

We pretty much knew going into it we were going to have to gut the property. NOT tear it down – so you mid century preservationists out there – do not freak out. We love the esthetic of the house. But the home is over 50 years old, there was some bad remodeling over the years and there are some things that need to be torn down before they fall down. The deck is rotting and is going to be completely demolished.

And when the pest controller turned on the shower in the second bathroom THIS happened:

Water starting gushing out of the side of the house.
WTF?!?! Although, we HAD always talked about an outdoor shower, obviously all the plumbing will need to be redone. The GOOD news is that the foundation is in great shape and there is no termite damage.

That’s just the outside. There is a whole lot of fugly and wasted space on the inside which I will go over in another post.

Ironically enough, The Money Pit was on tv the other night!



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