Grasscloth makes me swoon!

Lots more renovation going on as we are slugging through ‘Phase 2’. But first, a diy project (did I mention I’m crafty?).
Don’t you just love scenes in Mad Men of Don’s
funky cool apartment? I’m always pausing the tv and taking note of what’s on the wall, in the cabinets, and of course, the furniture!


Not wanting to cover up the mahogany wood panelling, I had to figure out a way to inject some grasscloth into the house. The answer was the ugly mirror closet doors in our master bedroom.

They are so 70’s…or 80’s?

I had been trying to figure out a way to cover these suckers up since we moved into the house. Now, I’m not that into feng shiu, but it has to be a bad thing to wake up in the morning and be staring at bed head. For me, anyway! They had to go, BUT, buying custom closet doors was going to be expensive.
All the contractor fellas told me there was no way to cover up the mirrors so of course, I had to prove them wrong!
First I bought some contact paper in dark brown bronze for the brass door borders

Some grasscloth
Roller and tray.
And the most important thing – heavy duty adhesive!

After measuring and cutting the grasscloth for each mirror (this took the longest of anything – remember measure twice, cut once!), I first rolled a coat of the heavy duty adhesive on the mirrors.

I made sure it was spread thickly and evenly, then waited for it to get good and tacky

 Then apply wallpaper. I went over by hand to get all the air bubbles out (you cannot apply water to grasscloth so no sponging)

My closet has doors that are a wee bit wider than the grasscloth, so I hung a large strip exactly center, and hung two mini strips on either side.
Lastly, I cut long strips of the contact paper and stuck them to the outer metal border. This was tedious because the metal is indented. Getting air bubbles out was a chore!

And voila!

I think it gives a nice zen look to the master bedroom. And it sure beats those mirror doors!

What do you think?



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