Remodel Updates Part 2

I started writing my previous post last weekend and even more things have been updated since then, so here goes…
Indoor Flooring
I thought the floors looked great in the first place, but this has been just an incredible transformation. We decided to spend the money and have the white oak floors refinished. As you can see from a picture taken a few months ago, the floors had an orange tone. I was told that this was a result of the varnish yellowing over time. We don’t think that the floors had been refinished for a very, very long time, if ever and they were a little dull.

The floors before refinishing

The crew spent two and a half days stripping the finish off of the wood in the entire house.

All of the grooves in between the boards were hand cleaned (and they were pretty groady)
Three layers of varnish were then added with drying time inbetween each coat. The end result was what looks like new floors.

Living Room After

Check out those grains!

The great thing about old wood floors is that the grains are incredible. In those days they cut down old trees. You just can’t get that type of wood today because trees are not that old.
The refinishing really made those grains ‘pop’.

Future Sewing Room


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    1. Thanks, Sue! Now to keep them clean…btw, LOVE your Joan dress, it would so suit this house! We will have to have a Mad Men martini party down the road…

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