Oh, the carnage…

The Britton Tree Services crew spent all week cutting, thinning and tending to all of the oaks, jungle, and just plain crap on the property that had not been maintained in 50 years. Great job, guys! 

The property is 1.18 acres and there is landscaping in both the front and back. 

Our opened view in the front of the house looking towards the Coombsville valley – which has just gotten it’s own AVA. It’s incredible having a house with 2 personalities. When you are in the front, total quiet and you feel like you are in the country. Sitting in the back, you get the city feel overlooking Napa.

The back is a fairly steep slope that ends at a 40 ft. cliff – with the incredible views. 

All the way to Mt. Tam and beyond. We could see the Sutro tower yesterday. Time to buy a telescope!
The cut down tree carnage in front of the storage shed

The cut trees and branches all over the back of the house

This will be one of the sitting areas in the back of the house. The concrete had to be dug up around the 2 oaks as it was choking them.
As we cut through the jungle and explored the slope in the back, we are discovering all of these great hidden, overgrown areas with lava rock popping up throughout. It made me recall one of my favorite books when I was a child – The Secret Garden!
We plan to keep everything natural but put in a meandering stone/gravel path throughout the slope to 3 different sitting areas. Luckily, we only had to chop 3 oaks down. Punching holes in the oaks and creating canopies really opened up a lot of our views. At this point, though it’s a little hard to envision the landscaping with the mess!  A landscape crew will be coming next week and cleaning up.


Welcome to The Napa Project, where I write about our five year remodel of a mid century home in Napa, California.

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